Fort Myers Lawyers For Mental Health And Substance Abuse Cases

If someone you love is struggling with substance abuse or mental illness, there are legal steps you can take to get the help he or she needs. At the Law Office of Luis E. Insignares, we have experience helping individuals and families involved in divorce, paternity actions, time-sharing (custody) disputes and other family law matters that are complicated by substance abuse or mental incapacity of parties involved. Our firm frequently receives referrals from mental health professionals and substance abuse counselors who know that we can provide their patients with the legal counsel and guidance they need.

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Substance Abuse · The Marchman Act

The Florida Marchman Act is a law that enables family members to petition the court to order involuntary assessment and treatment for loved ones who are suffering from substance abuse but refuse treatment. If someone you love is in need of treatment through the Marchman Act, we can help you navigate the process in a responsible and expeditious manner.

Mental Incapacity · The Baker Act

The Florida Baker Act allows mental health professionals and physicians to petition the court for involuntary commitment of a mentally ill individual who poses a threat of harm to self or others. Our firm can work with you and your loved one’s health care provider to guide you through the necessary steps.

Fort Myers Attorneys For Baker Act And Marchman Act Cases

For assistance in finding a legal path to help your loved one, call the Law Office of Luis E. Insignares at 239-274-6000 or toll-free at 855-826-7002 to schedule a consultation. We welcome referrals from substance abuse and mental health experts, as well as other lawyers.

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