Hurricane Irma Update

We Are Open For Business

Power has been restored to our office and we are getting back to work helping our staff, clients and community return to normal as quickly as possible.

We are mostly connected with intermittent delays. Although there may be some delays from the normal turn around time that you have come to expect from our office, we assure you that one of our team members will respond. We will continue to meet our obligations to our clients. No files were damaged or lost. We have every physical file safe and secured and all electronic data has been preserved. We only ask that you excuse any reasonable delays during this transition.

The Chief Judge of the 20th Judicial Circuit, along with the Clerk’s Office will reschedule any court that was canceled (Sept. 7-8 and Sept. 11-15). Our Office will be notified accordingly or you may choose to check the county’s Clerk website directly. We will check with the assigned judge’s judicial assistant directly for more information such as the date of next hearing or when the notice will be sent out. So please be patient as phone lines and/or email communication with court personnel may be busy.

Please DO NOT contact the Judge’s office directly as Judge’s or their assistants are prohibited from communicating with represented parties

The Florida Supreme Court will issue an Administrative Order extending legal deadlines for the period the Circuit was closed. We will post the Administrative Order as soon as it is posted.

Finally, if you need personal assistance of any nature, please be advised that asking for help is not an imposition and assistance will be provided selflessly to the extent humanly possible.

We Are Open For Business.

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