Financial Matters

Financial matters can be one of the most complex legal issues in a marital and family law case. One spouse may be faced with alarming demands from the divorcing spouse that seem disproportionate, unfair, or fail to take into account important aspects of income and expense.

The Law Office of Luis E. Insignares is accustomed to handling such matters. Our attorneys bring more than 30 years of combined legal experience to play in each case engaging highly specialized experts when needed to bring about optimum results.

We understand that certain cases can become highly charged and adversarial. We take a team approach to manage stressful issues and to create practical solutions in response to difficult situations. We are well-trained in handling financial conflict between parties. Our team will work to resolve issues as quickly as possible, and always with the most reasonable outcome as our ultimate goal.

In all aspects of case planning, litigation, or matters of appeal, the highly experienced team at the Law Office of Luis E. Insignares welcomes the challenge of helping you face the difficult and stressful financial issues that can arise in family conflicts.