A Thought For Memorial Day

As we approach Memorial Day, the question arises how best to honor the fallen military men and women who died in defense of our Republic. One way is to do our best to take care of our current veterans, but we’ll save that discussion for Veterans Day.

I would posit that in addition to honoring the specific persons we have known, and all their fallen comrades in arms, on Memorial Day we might look to the oath that these men and women took upon entering the service of our country. The first object of that oath is to support and defend the Constitution.

Thus, to honor the memory of those fallen, we should be participating in our democracy. We should educate ourselves as to the rights guaranteed in our supreme law, and make sure that we vote in accordance with the principles laid down therein. When fundamental rights are not being accorded to all persons in an equal fashion, or impediments to the free exercise of such rights are deliberately placed in the way of the people by those entrusted with their leadership, action must be taken in the defense of those rights, and of the Constitution which guarantees them.

To do anything less dishonors the memory of the men and women who fought and died to support the Constitution, and in defense of our Republic.

Have a peaceful and happy Memorial Day.

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